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deliverance from death, and the sudden transition from absolute despair to comfort and happiness, is already made for him in the encouraging language of my protector; and I am persuaded, besides, that no person, however unfortunate, can look back upon his own life, without having to remember with gratitude and devotion many singular and auspicious conjunctures which no skill or merit of his own could have contrived; with many escapes from the natural consequences of his own misconduct, or from accidents which cross us even in our most guarded and virtuous paths; and who has not felt, in the changes from sickness to health, from pain to pleasure, from danger to security, and from depression to joy and exultation, a fuller and a higher satisfaction (independently of the uses of such reverses) than could have arisen from the uninterrupted continuance of the most prosperous condition.

As there must be light and shade in every picture, so there must be perpetual changes tomake