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In which the Author became convinced that he was no longer upon the Earth.

Having been removed from the shore in a kind of vehicle most admirably constructed for the purpose, and laid upon a couch, which my generous protector had prepared for me, the most intense curiosity now succeeded to the pain and horror which had oppressed me, and I entreated him to relate the miraculous events which could alone have brought us together, desiring him, however, in the first place, to relieve those anxieties which the sight of a person from England could not but have excited.—“Alas!” said my protector, with great emotion, “I have no anxieties connected with England, nor with the world of which it is a part.—My parents were cast upon this shore when I was an infant of only three years old; they were, as I have learned from my father, in the course of a voyage to the EastIndies: