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¬margin of this world, — small in its compass, — in its climate disappointing from its vicissitudes, — surrounded by seas not often favourable to navi- gation, and only emerging from the darkness of barbarism in a late period of nations, it soon towered above them all, and has for a long season been the day-star of our planet. — It seems, indeed, as if the Divine Providence had chosen it as the instrument of its benevolent purpose, to enlighten by an almost insensible progression the distant and divided families of mankind, to hold up to them the sacred lamp of religious and moral truth, to harmonise them by the example of mild and liberal institutions, and to controul the disturbers of the social world with an un- paralleled arm of strength ; — may she always remember that this mighty dominion is a trust — that her work is not yet finished — and that if she deserts or slumbers upon her post, she will be relieved and punished !" ¬I availed myself of the pause which seemed to finish his preface to what he evidently con- sidered ¬