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¬sidered as a distinct world from our own, by asking his father's opinion upon that momentous subject, as I could not compose my mind to attend to any thing until I was satisfied as to my real situation. " My father," answered my friend, "undoubtedly considered that he was cast forth and for ever from the earth. He used often to say so, but his reasons I can only give you from his Journal, which I have carefully preserved, being too young myself to compre- hend them. The book is in this very chamber, and I can turn in a moment to that remarkable part of it." Having besought him to do so, he put the volume into my hand, where, after de- scribing in the English language the extraordi- nary channel nearly as I have already described it, I found the following short sentence quite conclusive of an opinion which but too clearly confirmed my own. ¬" When I consider the unexampled rapidity of the current, with its dismal chaotic boundary, and that we were involved in it for almost three ¬months, ¬