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¬months, emerging at once into a sea where the heavens above presented new stars, and those of our own in different magnitudes and positions than any they could be seen in from either of our hemispheres, I am convinced, beyond a doubt, that I am no longer upon the earth, but on what I might best describe as a twin brother with it, bound together by this extraordinary channel, as a kind of umbilical chord, in the capacious womb of nature, but which, instead of being separated in the birth, became a new and per- manent substance in her. mysterious course." ¬The reader will no doubt observe, that this theory exactly corresponds with my own, though more fancifully expressed than by my vulgar simile of a double-headed shot, and I have little doubt that this new and interesting planet will, in all our almanacks, be styled Gemini hereafter, though it is called Deucalia by its inhabitants. ¬I cannot describe my feelings upon this awful ¬con- ¬