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J ¬sight of an immense naval arsenal, where ships of the largest classes were constructing, sur- rounded again by a mole crowded with a most formidable navy, whilst on the sloping banks of the fortress, by which the whole was en- compassed and guarded, large bodies of troops, apparently in the highest state of discipline, were encamped and hutted. The name of Armata, I therefore repeated, was most appro- priate. " And why on that account ? " said my friend, plainly not understanding me ; a ques- tion which brought back at once to my recollec- tion, that Rome could not possibly have been the godmother to this Island, her language of course being utterly unknown : but such is the magic power of association, even when reason has dissolved the spell. ¬" The name of Armata," he continued, " has nothing at all to do with forces naval or military, but is supposed to have arisen from the extraordinary charms of our women; Ar- mata being, in the fabulous mythologies of our ¬remote ¬