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CHAPTER V. ¬In which Morven continues his account of the Island of Armata. ¬' This highly favoured island now sat without a rival on this proud promontory in the centre of all the waters of this earth, with her mighty wings outspread to such a distance, that with your limited ideas of its numerous nations, it is im- possible you should comprehend. — She was ba- lanced upon her imperial throne by the equally vast and seemingly boundless continents on either side, bending alike beneath her sceptre, and pouring into her lap all that varieties of climate or the various characters of mankind could produce, whilst the interjacent ocean was bespangled with islands, which seem to be posted by nature as the watch-towers of her dominion, and the havens of her fleets. — Her fortune was equal to her virtues, and, in the justice of God, might be the fruit of it ; since as the globe had ¬expanded ¬