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Act II


Enters. Halts for a moment upon the top stair and looks down at Shloyme, She is wrapped in a thin shawl, coquettishly dressed in a skirt much too short for her age. Descends into the cellar, stepping noisily so as to wake Shloyme.

Shloyme, awakes. Looks around.

It's you, is it? Why aren't you outside?


It's begun to rain.

Shloyme, sitting up.

So you deign to answer me, milady? Have you, then, forgiven me?


I wasn't angry in the first place.


So. . . Well, if you wish, you can get angry again, for all I care. (Lies down.)

Hindel, looks around. Runs over to one of the screened compartments and listens, then runs back to Shloyme.

Shloyme, I don't want to leave this place.

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