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A thousand years and ne'er night has paled
Before the day, but yonder star unveiled
A patient face; a lesson here for thee,
If aught in constancy thy life has failed.

On the Road to Sleepy-Town

On the road to Sleepy-Town
As the wondrous sun goes down,
Little hands and little feet
Wearied out with play complete,
Now would stop at every sound
On the road to Sleepy-Town.

Busy has the whole day been
From the dawn until its end;
And the gentle twilight glow,
Where the weary feet now go
Falls like benediction down
On the road to Sleepy-Town.

Just ahead the Gate of Dreams
Through the stillness casts its gleams;
Just ahead the hand of sleep
Reaches out to touch the cheek
Of each little head of brown
Longing so for Sleepy-Town.

Let me take you to my breast
Just this moment ere you rest;
Let me hold the hands so sweet
As the daylight goes to sleep,
Kiss the droopy eyelids down
On the road to Sleepy-Town.