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Shut out from all communities.
From the great and from the small.
On thee be great and heavy plagues.
Painful and horrible sickness;
Thy house be a dragon's den,
And thy star vanish from above.
Be thou the pest and horror of men,
And thy carcass the food of snakes.
Be thou a sport unto thine enemies,
And the goods that thou mayest possess
Be the portion of strangers.
Before the doors of thine enemies
May thy children wail,
And because of thy life's tortures
Be thy children's children struck with horror.
Be accursed by all spirits


Michael and Gabriel,
Raphael and Mescharthel.
Be accursed of the Great God.
By the seventy Spirits' names,
Subjects to the Great King,
By the great seal Zartok,
Go to Hell like Korah's band,
And with trembling and quivering
Thy soul go out of thee.
God's terrors slay thee.
Overthrown like Achitophel
In the snares of thy plots.
Gehazi's leprosy be thine,
And from thy fall mayst thou never arise;
Where Israel's graves lie
Be thy grave never dug.
Given away to the stranger