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The Ducks of Plymouth County, Massachusetts. By Herbert K. Job 197

John Abbot's Drawings of the Birds of Georgia. By Walter Faxon 204

The Peninsula of Missouri as a Winter Home for Birds. By O. Widmann 216

The Black-vented Shearwater (Puffinus opisthomelas). By A. W. Anthony 223

Recent Observations on Histriouicus histrionicus in Maine. By Arthur H. Norton 229

Some Notes on the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) in Confinement. By Ruthven Deane. 234

Notes on the Birds of Bermuda. By D. Webster Prentiss 237

Recent Literature.—Stone on the Molting of Birds, 240; Stone on Birds collected in North Greenland 243; Shallow on a Collection of Birds from West Greenland, 243; Rotzells Birds of Narberth, Pa., and Vicinity, 244; Rhoads's List of Tennessee Birds, 244; Short's Birds of Western New York, 245; A List of Nebraska Birds, 245; Cory's 'Hunting and Fishing in Florida,' with 'A Key to the Water Birds of the State.' 246; Howe's 'Every Bird,' 247; Artistic and Scientific Taxidermy, 247; Witchell's 'Evolution of Bird Song,' 249; Harvie Brown and Buckley's 'A Vertebrate Fauna of the Moray Basin,' 251; The 'Birds' of the Royal Natural History, 252; Publications Received, 253.

General Notes.—Name of the Large-billed Puffin, 255; Record of a Fourth Specimen of the European Widgeon (Anas penelope) in Indiana, 255; Recent Occurrence of the Florida Gallinule in Southern Maine, 255; Baird's Sandpiper in Michigan, 255; The Belted Piping Plover in Massachusetts, 256; Discovery of the Eggs of the Belted Piping Plover, 256; Recent Capture of the Golden Eagle near Portland, Maine, 256; Golden Eagles in Virginia, 256; Nidification of the Dusky Horned Owl, 257; Four Winter Records of the Short-eared Owl on the Massachusetts Coast, 257; The Roadrunner as a Rat-killer, 257; The Red-headed Woodpecker in Eastern Massachusetts, 258; Pyrocephalus rubineus mexicanns in Los Angeles County, Cal., 258; Intergradation in Song of Sturnella magna and S m. neglecta in Missouri, 258; Pinicola enucleator at Worcester, Mass., 259; Evening Grosbeak in Southern Wisconsin. 259; Zonotrichia albicollis and Mniotilta varia at Pasadena, Cal., 260; The Wintering of the Towhee at Longwood, Mass., 260; The Nonpariel at Longwood, Massachusetts, 261; Peculiar Traits of Some Scarlet Tanagers, 261; The Occurrence in Nebraska of Vireo ftavoviridis 263; Helminthophila rubricapilla vs. Helminthophila rubricapilla, 263; Bachman's Warbler Helminthophila bachmani) in Greene County, Arkansas, 264; Second Occurrence of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in Maine, 264; Southern California Bird Notes, 265; Merrem's Work, 265; Mandt's Inaugural Dissertation, 266; Correction, 266.

Notes And News—Obituary.—Dr. Juan Gundlach, 267; Clarence A. Smith, 267; The Palm Beach Museum, 268; 'The Osprey,' 268; 'The Nidiologist," 268; U. S. Biological Survey, 268; Elliot's African Expedition, 268; Zoological Nomenclature, 269.

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