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^I's^ 111 ] Thirteenth Congress of the A. O. U. 5^ with 1 egg and 2 chicks in the down, and close by a fresh soft- shelled crab recently dropped by one of the parents ; another nest contained 1 chipped egg, and a broken egg-shell ; and still another 2 eggs. We discovered only 1 chick, which was about the size of a pigeon and looked very much like one, except for the length of its legs. This bird was mature enough to fly but made no attempt to do so, being very tame, eating from the hand the same afternoon. I have not seen a dead chick this season. As a description of this large chick may prove of interest to some readers I give it. as follows : Feathers of the back slate gray edged at the tip with drab gray; top of head and sides mouse gray ; exposed edges of wing-coverts and covered edges of feathers on back plumbeous ; inner webs of the tail feathers and primaries black ; throat light gray ; breast and sides gray ; bill, legs, and feet chocolate color. it was apparent to me from the many abandoned nests and broken egg-shells — more than 1 have ever before seen — that this season has been a most favorable one for these Gulls. I noticed the old birds contentedly sitting about on all the bare spots of sand that were available on their breeding grounds, where they could watch and care for their young which were hidden in the beach-srass. THIRTEENTH CONGRESS OF THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION. The Thirteenth Congress of the American Ornithologists' Union convened in Washington, D. C, Monday evening, Novem- ber 11, 1895. The business meeting was held at the residence of Dr. C. Hart Merriam. The public sessions, lasting three days, were held in the Lecture Hall of the U. S. National Museum, commencing Tuesday, November 12. Business Session. — The meeting was called to order by the President, Dr. Elliott Coues. Eighteen Active Members were