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By Jean Ingelow.16mo.670 pages.Price $1.75.

From the Literary World.

{{hi|"The first novel from the pen of one of the most popular poets of the age—written, too, in the author's maturity, when her name is almost exclusively associated with verse, so far as literature is concerned, and therefore to be regarded as a deliberate work, and one in which she challenges the decisive judgment of the public — will be read with universal and eager interest. . . . We have read this book with constantly increasing pleasure. It is a novel with a soul in it, that imparts to the reader an influence superior to mere momentary entertainment; it is not didactic, but it teaches; it is genuine, fresh, healthy, presents cheerful views of life, and exalts nobility of character without seeming to do so."

Extract from a private letter, — not intended for publication,—the hearty opinion of one of the most popular and favorite writers of the present day:—

"Thanks for the book. I sat up nearly all night to read it, and think it very charming. . . . I hope she will soon write again; for we need just such simple, pure, and cheerful stories here in America, where even the nursery songs are sensational, and the beautiful old books we used to love are now called dull and slow. I shall sing its praises loud and long, and set all my boys and girls to reading 'Off the Skelligs,' sure that they will learn to love it as well as they do her charming Songs. If I could reach so far, I should love to shake hands with Miss Ingelow, and thank her heartily for this delightful book."

Sold everywhere.Mailed, postpaid, by the Publishers,