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"As there was nobody to see, he just sat down and cried as hard as Dotty herself."

The above picture is one of twenty-seven which illustrate


By Susan Coolidge.

The author of this book must soon be exalted in the hearts of children by the side of Miss Alcott: for it is as original, as quaint, and as charming as any thing of "Aunt Jo's," though totally different in character and style. Max and Thekla, the hero and heroine, live in the famous Black Forest. Wandering in the woods one day, they came across an old man who was making some images. This old man was Father Time, and the images were the twelve months. He had a jar full of sand,—the "sands of time,"—and Max put some of it in his pocket, when old Father Time wasn't looking, and carried it home.

This stealing from Time caused a great commotion, though Max contended that "Time belongs to us all;" but it resulted in a "Bargain," which, the book will tell you all about.

"The New-Year's Bargain" is an elegant volume, bound in cloth, gilt and black-lettered, and sells for $1.50.

The new book by the author of "The New Year's Bargain,"


A Story.With Illustrations by Addie Ledyard. Price $1.50.

ROBERTS BROTHERS, Publishers, Boston.