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"Now they are asking where we came from," added Amanda, casting down her book in agony.

"Wink at her," sighed Lavinia.

"Call to her," groaned Amanda, as they heard their treasured secret betrayed, and the enemy clamoring for further information about this charming trip.

"Matilda! bring me my shawl," commanded the Dowager.

"Come and see if you don't think we had better go direct to Tours," said the wary Amanda, hoping to put the enemy off the track.

The victim came, and vials of wrath were poured upon her head in one unceasing flow till the omnibus started, and the ladies were appeased by finding that the enemy did not follow.

"Promise that you won't talk to any but natives, or I decline to lead this expedition," said Amanda firmly.

"I promise," returned Mat, with penitent meekness.

"Now we've got her!" croaked the Raven; "for she will have to learn French or hold her tongue."

"The language of the eye remains to me, and