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nothing more naïve or piquante; and what do you think of Lord Osborne, Miss Watson?’ ‘That he would be handsome even though he were not a Lord, and perhaps better bred; more desirous of pleasing, and shewing himself pleased in a right place.’ ’Upon my word, you are severe upon my friend! I assure you Lord Osborne is a very good fellow.’ ‘I do not dispute his virtues, but I do not like his careless air.’ ‘If it were not a breach of confidence,’ replied Tom, with an important look, ‘perhaps I might be able to win a more favourable opinion of poor Osborne.’ Emma gave him no Encouragement, and he was obliged to keep his friend’s secret. He was also obliged to put an end to his visit, for Mrs. Edwardes having ordered her Carriage, there was no time lost on Emma’s side in preparing for it. Miss Edwardes accompanied her home, but as it was Dinner hour at Stanton, staid with them only a few minutes. ‘Now, my dear Emma,’ said Miss Watson, as soon as they were alone, ‘you must talk to me all the rest of the day, without stopping, or I shall not be satisfied. But first of all Nanny shall bring in the dinner. Poor thing! You will not dine as you did yesterday, for we have nothing but some fried beef. How nice Mary Edwardes looks in her new pelisse! And now tell me how you like them all, and what I am to say to Sam. I have begun my letter; Jack Stokes is to call for it tomorrow, for his Uncle is going within a mile of Guildford the next day.’ Nanny brought in the dinner. ‘We will wait upon ourselves,’ continued Elizabeth, ‘and then we shall lose no time. And so, you would not come home with Tom Musgrave?’ ‘No. You had said so much against him that I could not wish either for the obligation, or the Intimacy which the use of his Carriage must have created. I should not even have liked the appearance of it.’ ‘You did very right; though I wonder at your forbearance, and I do not think I could have