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Mother, ‘and I assure you it went very hard with Augusta to have us come away without her. I was forced to say we were only going to Church and promise to come back for her directly. But you know it would not do, to bring her without her maid, and I am as particular as ever in having her properly attended to.’ ‘Sweet little Darling!’ cried Margaret. ‘It quite broke my heart to leave her.’ ‘Then why was you in such a hurry to run away from her!’ cried Mrs. Robert. ‘You are a sad shabby girl. I have been quarrelling with you all the way we came, have not I? Such a visit as this, I never heard of! You know how glad we are to have any of you with us, if it be for months together, and I am sorry’ (with a witty smile) ‘we have not been able to make Croydon agreeable this autumn.’ ‘My dearest Jane, do not overpower me with your Raillery. You know what inducements I had to bring me home; spare me, I entreat you. I am no match for your arch sallies.’ ‘Well, I only beg you will not set your Neighbours against the place. Perhaps Emma may be tempted to go back with us, and stay till Christmas, if you don’t put in your word.’ Emma was greatly obliged. ‘I assure you we have very good society at Croydon. I do not much attend the Balls, they are rather too mixed, but our parties are very select and good. I had seven Tables last week in my Drawing-room. Are you fond of the Country? How do you like Stanton?’ ‘Very much,’ replied Emma, who thought a comprehensive answer most to the purpose. She saw that her Sister-in-law despised her immediately. Mrs. Robert Watson was indeed wondering what sort of a home Emma could possibly have been used to in Shropshire, and setting it down as certain that the Aunt could never have had six thousand pounds. ‘How charming Emma is!’ whispered Margaret to Mrs. Robert in her most languishing tone. Emma was quite distress’d by such behaviour; and