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ally and so rapturously happy as during that evening occupied the Sopha of Mrs. Croft’s Drawing-room in Gay Street.

Captain Wentworth had taken care to meet the Admiral as he returned into the house, to satisfy him as to Mr. Elliot and Kellynch; and the delicacy of the Admiral’s good nature kept him from saying another word on the subject to Anne. He was quite concerned lest he might have been giving her pain by touching a tender part. Who could say? She might be liking her Cousin better than he liked her. And indeed, upon recollection, if they had been to marry at all why should they have waited so long?

When the Evening closed, it is probable that the Admiral received some new Ideas from his Wife, whose particularly friendly manner in parting with her gave Anne the gratifying persuasion of her seeing and approving.

It had been such a day to Anne! The hours which had passed since her leaving Camden Place had done so much! She was almost bewildered, almost too happy in looking back. It was necessary to sit up half the Night and lie awake the remainder to comprehend with composure her present state, and pay for the overplus of Bliss, by Headache and Fatigue.