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the Memoir of Miss Austen by her nephew, J. E. Austen-Leigh. Lady Susan and The Watson have been reprinted in three editions of the novels: (1) the two supplementary volumes, XI and XII, added to the ‘Winchester’ by John Grant (Edinburgh) in 1912; (2) the 'Adelphi' in 7 volumes, 1923; (3) the 'Georgian' in 5 volumes, 1927. The Watson was also issued in 1923, with a brief Introduction by A. B. Walkley.

The Plan of a Novel was also quoted in the Memoir, printed, fully and correctly, in the Life and Letters, by William and Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh, 1913. It is here reprinted by the kind permission of Mr. R. A. Austen-Leigh.

Every fragment has since been thoroughly collated from the manuscripts, and edited by Mr. R. W. Chapman for the Clarendon Press: Lady Susan in 1925; The Plan of a Novel and the Cancelled Chapter of Persuasion in 1926; The Watson in 1927. The present texts are not a verbatim reprint of any previous issue, but as nearly as Jane Austen, in my judgment on the evidence available, intended to write.

By the generous courtesy of Mr. R. W. Chapman, I have been permitted to reprint Sanditon; which was first issued by him for the Clarendon Press in 1925.