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according to hints from various quarters

Scene to be in the country. Heroine, the daughter of a clergyman:[1] one who, after having lived much in the world, had retired from it, and settled on a curacy with a very small fortune of his own. He, the most excellent man that can be imagined, perfect in character, temper, and manners, without the smallest drawback or peculiarity to prevent his being the most delightful companion to his daughter from one year's end to the other. Heroine,[2] a faultless character herself, perfectly good, with much tenderness and sentiment and not the least wit,[3] very highly accomplished,[4] understanding modern languages, and (generally speaking) everything that the most accomplished young women learn, but particularly excelling in music—her favourite pursuit—and playing equally well on the pianoforte and harp, and singing in the first style. Her person quite beautiful,[5] dark eyes and plump cheeks. Book to open with the description of father and daughter, who are to converse in long speeches, elegant language, and a tone of high serious sentiment. The father to be induced, at his daughter's earnest request, to relate to her the past events of his life. This narrative will reach through the greater part of the first volume; as besides all the

  1. Mr. Gifford.
  2. Fanny Knight.
  3. Mary Cooke.
  4. Fanny Knight.
  5. Mary Cooke.