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some calculations on the subject. Agriculture, carried on for the production of wheat, maize, &c.—and the cultivation of the vine, with a view to the production of wine and brandy, are next analysed in the same manner, in order to ascertain whether these occupations can be profitably carried on with a view to the exportation of their products, independent of any colonial demand for them.

The last part contains a few desultory observations on Australian field-sports, and the incidents of a bush life, with anecdotes of the Aborigines, &c. &c.

In offering to the public this work, which will not be published until I am again traversing the ocean on my return to Sydney, I must crave the reader's indulgence for the defects which it may contain; for being engaged in many other affairs during my limited stay in England, I have not been able to find time to render it as complete as I could have wished.