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sciences and flatter their vanity—some measure fraught with mercy and kindness, suitable to the magnitude and the exingencies of the case—some measure that will make reparation to the insulted laws of heaven for our first violating the rights, and then trampling on the interests, of a deeply injured race, that will apply a prompt, decisive, and effectual remedy to the evils we have inflicted upon them, and that will bear inspection on that day when the conduct of princes and rulers will pass in review before the penetrating eyes of Deity amidst assembled worlds. Our brother's blood is upon our heads; and expiation ought to begin where the British flag was first stained with the guilt of a crime all but unpardonable, and committed against a people whose unprotected and sad condition, ought, instead of exciting our cupidity, to have commanded our commiseration.


My Lord,

Trusting that the name of the first Bishop of Australia will be associated with the salvation of its Aboriginal inhabitants, I take the liberty to calling your attention to this appeal on their behalf. I am an utter stranger to Your Lordship; but the zeal you have already shown in the cause of the heathen, is a proof that nothing is wanting on your part, but means, to effect every thing that scriptural duty enjoins and Christian love would suggest, for this large and set portion of your diocese.


Those who minister in divine things, whatever may be the particular charge or department intrusted to their care, will, it is hoped, promote the circulation of a work which is intended to rouse the energies, and kindle the zeal of the Christian world for the salvation of Australia.