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Sir Henry Parkes in England, 31-62
London Flesh Australian Grass, 31
A different type of Colonists now come "Home," 32
The Colonial Exhibition and Conference, 1887, 32
Two Emigration Commissioners, 1860-61, 32, 33
Sir Henry Parkes and the Right Hon. W. B. Dalley, 33
Mr. Fronde's Oceana, 34
His estimate of Australian public men, 34, 35
Description of Sir Henry Parkes, 35
Parkes Letters to Sydney Morning Herald in 1861, 33
Palmerston, 37
Disraeli, Brougham, 37
The American Civil War, 38-49
Apathy of the Birmingham audience towards manhood suffrage and ballot, 39
"Conservative reaction," 39
Causes of the failure of Messrs. Parkes' and Dalley's emigration mission, 39-41
"Perhaps we could spare old Briggs," 42
Parkes' sympathy with the North 43
John Bright the true representative of the English Democracy—on America and on Ireland, 43
Beresford Hope and Tennyson both against the North, 43
Carlyle and Gladstone in favour of the South, 43
Personal influence of the Queen, 45
Death of the Prince Consort, 46
The Trent incident, 46-48
Christmas Eve, 1861, 46-49
Defenceless state of Australian colonies at that date, 49
A timely warning, 49
Disraeli on Prince Albert, 50
Palmerston and "your Mr. Cowper," 51
Colonial Defences Debate—Mr. Arthur Mills and "Sam Slick," 51
"Including Mr. Childers." Twenty-seven members present, 52
Social condition of England in 1862, 53
Panegyric on Cobden, 53
Odd speculations as to the future Statesmen, 54
A government consisting of "Cobden, Gladstone, and Stanley," 54
Brougham's Adress at the Social Science Congress, 54-56
Brougham at the International Law Section with Travers Twiss and M. Gamier Pages, 56
At the Social Science Soiree with Lord Shaftesbury, 56
"The aged poet Dean Milman," 57
Palmerston a D.C.L., Oxford, 57
Sir Henry Taylor, 57-59
Wheatstone and Palmerston, 57-59
"A boy of fourscore," 59
Rural Sights and Sounds, 59, 60
Value of a Colonial Observer, 61
Britain, America, and Australia, 61, 62

Lord Beaconsfield and Young Australia, 63-75
Effect of the cable, 63
Victorian Government and the broken cable, 64