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But what though Fame her charms deny
  While Fancy yields such precious store !
What, though thy past be starless sky !
  Thy future's sun will glow the more.

Here, standing 'mid thy girding wood,
   I see yon city's limits bound —
As Rome of old her Tiber's flood —
  Those mirror'd bays now circling round.
And, gazing landward from the sea.
  The wild is chang'd, the desert gone,
And vine-clad hill and fruitful lea
  Are vocal with the rustic song.

Again I turn to greet the wave,
  And ships unnumber'd stand array'd
And men are there as strong and brave
  As ever flush'd in war or trade.

And, fairest sight ! o'er land and main
  Waves Freedom's banner uncontroll'd,
And Freedom, chief of heav'nly train.
  E'er bounteous, squanders bliss untold.