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Chill is the season, yet so bright the rays
 The sun diffuses from his northern home,
That, like a well-proved friend who distant strays
 His spell beneficent is slow to roam.

The woods are bright, although their sheen grows less,
 Like bride who lays her wedding-garb aside;
The waters sparkle, though in mellowness.
 Like beauty's smile when youth has veiled its pride.

The hoar-frost marks the grassy lawn at morn,
 But fades when the first matin beam appears,
Till earth grows bright, as those erewhile forlorn,
 Joy when their hope a sunlit aspect wears.

We miss the leafless wood, the frost-bound earth,
 The waters sealed within their icy bed;
We miss the snow that folds the autumn's birth.
 Like shrouds that lie around the early dead.