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For boils, bad wounds that have become inflamed, or bruises, the yolk of an egg mixed with honey and flour, laid on like ointment, will give relief.

For clarifying coffee, jellies, etc., etc., nothing is better than the whites and shells beaten together.

White of egg mixed with lime makes a good cement.

Nothing is better for cleansing the head than an egg well rubbed in before washing.

White of egg will renew the gloss of a straw hat or bonnet after cleaning.

To clean cruets, eggshells crushed in a little water are as good as shot.

The white of an egg is good to put on a burn, also the yolk beaten up with a little glycerine and put in a bottle is good. It must be well shaken when to be used.

For weak or inflamed eyes, the white of an egg beaten to a froth with a little water, and applied with a soft rag.

For a boil, the skin of a boiled egg moistened and put on is good; it will draw off the matter.

The white of an egg will allay the pain of a burn and exclude the air.

If beaten up it is very good in relieving cough and hoarseness.

It is also good for infant diarrhœa.

In severe hoarseness or loss of voice, beat the white of an egg (as stiff as if for frosting) with sugar, add the juice of a lemon, and pour the whole into a cup of boiling water, and drink at bed time.

For dysentery, beat up an egg with a tiny pinch of salt, and swallow; it will soothe the inflamed bowels.

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