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but though the storm was over and the horizon clear, he would not venture to handle the reins.

"Are we not going to Mr. Hammond's?" asked the little girl "No, we are going to my father's at Branxholm, for it is nearer," said Allan Lindsay.

"And you will send for a surgeon; For you know he must be bled or something done to make him speak."

"If it had no been for his foot I'd have mounted Charlie and gone to the township, but I suppose there's some one to be found at Branxholm to go there for Dr. Burton, and somebody must go across to Aralewin. Mr. Hammond is sure to be home by this time, though he was not when I left it to-day. I know he won't be pleased at our putting Rattler in the spring-cart, which he ain't used to, but Mrs. Hammond she said as how there would likely be a lot of luggage, and the spring-cart is the roomiest. But you see we have had to leave the boxes after all. We're heavy enough without them. There's nobody will run away with them, I suppose, till we can send down for them, and they're all marked plain enough, 'G. Staunton,' for us all to swear to if they are stole."

"You have not been long in the colony?" said Allan to the girl.