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mistakes as to convenience. As Allan had grown older he had seen that this patchwork was rather unwise, and he had now notions in his head about the next alteration, which was to be a more thorough and systematic piece of work than had been before attempted. The farm-offices and stock-yards were on a level with the house, and much too near it, while the garden, which was really beautiful and well kept, lay back from the house, and was not much seen as you approached it. A never-failing creek ran through the garden, and was crossed by several rustic bridges and bordered by magnificent willows; and the ingenuity which Allan had shown since he was fourteen years old in irrigating the whole large garden from the creek, made its progress and is fertility something wonderful in the district. But from its position Amy could have seen little of the garden even if she had looked through her tears.

As the spring-cart drove up to the front door, which, however, lay at the side of the house, Allan called for his mother and sister in a voice so strange, that they hurried from the kitchen and the garden with alarm, and brought with them the master of the household, too, to find out what could be the matter. A few sad words old the tale. The body of the poor gentleman