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or I; and as for the girl, she is the be haved and the cleverest little thing I ever saw. You are sure to like both of them"

"If you had come home at once instead of writing me such an indistinct message to send Tom to the township for them, this might have been altered. If I had only known sooner —but you never can withstand anything in the shape of amusement or horseflesh. I am sure ese races were worth nothing."

"The best country match I ever saw. I should have tried Highflyer there, though. He would have beaten Zoe and Mazeppa all to pieces. I would not have missed the sight for ten pounds. I like these country races; they keep up the English love of sport. Williams has a filly rising three; I must have it; it is the mos complete little thing I ever saw, and would be the very thing for you."

"Is that by way of a sugar-plum?" said Mrs. Hammond. "Well, here I sit day after day; I see nobody—I go nowhere; I devote myself to your family; and I must say that I do not think the step you have just taken is an advantageous one."

"I wish I heard he sound of wheels. It is more than time they were home; but Tom is a