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"Home without papa! There is no home anywhere for me. Don't ask me to leave him while he is here, for you know I cannot do it."

"She is quite right," said Mrs. Hammond coldly. "You must not think of taking her from the good people here till after the inquest and the funeral." At the word funeral Amy's tears burst out afresh. She would soon not even have her father's body to be near her.

"My dear Amy—I think your poor papa called you Amy," said Mr. Hammond, "I suppose you have no friends in he colony but ourselves. But though I will do all I can for you, it is only right that your relations a home should be written to."

"I have no relations to write to," said Amy.

"No relations?" said Mrs. Hammond.

"None that care for me. I have a half-brother and sister, but—but——"

"But you have quarrelled with them," said Mr. Hammond.

"I never saw them," said Amy.

"Are they not rich " asked Mrs. Hammond.

"Yes, but I know nothing about them, and they know nothing about me."

"But if they are rich, they ought to be made