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nose at that bit lassie as no fit to come in contact with her girls was far from Christian charity, but it was fair enough to offer to pay us for the keep of the lassie. No that I'd demean myself by taking it any more than you would. We have enough for ourselves, and a thought to spare besides. And as you say we'll never miss it."

"I think mother was quite right to be angry," said Allan. "If she had not spoken I am sure I would, and if you had felt it a burden, I would have worked double that you need not take a penny from the Hammonds. But this young lady has been brought up differently from us, and I doubt she will find us very strange in our ways."

"Our ways are weel enough," said Mrs Lindsay. "If we are na fine, at least we're kind-hearted and honest, and I count the conduct of thae visitors we've just had as far frae kind, and somewhat beside being honest. It makes one sick of the very name of gentlefolk to see sic goings on. If these are the sort of ways the lassie has learnt, the sooner she forgets them, all the better."

"Oh! mother, that is not what I mean," said Allan.

"But it's what I mean, Allan, and rough as we are, she must just put up with us and be thankful, at least till she can better herself,"