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there. My mother would do all in her power for you—and for him," said Allan with an effort, for he knew nothing could be done. "If the cart could be trusted to go as far as Branxholm, Charlie will go in harness even if you cannot catch Rattler."

"I'm of as little as no use," said Tom, "but I don't think there's much the matter with the cart; one of the shafts is broke, but you can splice it, I'll be bound, and you'll drive softly, as is most fitting, leastways, at any rate."

Allan took his knife and a piece of strong whipcord from his pocket, and began to splice the broken shaft in a most workmanlike manner. "This is a terrible business, Tom," said he. "Do you know who this gentleman is?"

"He was coming to be tutor to them big boys, and to keep the store and accounts, it is likely too, and I was sent to the township with the trap to meet them. A very pleasant-spoken gentleman he was, too, and him and the girl asked such heaps of questions about the trees, and flowers, and such like, and the birds that we saw hopping about. They were all new to them apparently, for they are new chums. But what is to be done with her now? In course she must go to Mr. Hammond's and be took care on till her friends is wrote to, but it's a poor welcome this to South