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Unique and Fascinating


Take bewitching twin princesses, sisters, equally beguiling, one a she-serpent with all the evils of hell in her twisted soul, the other as sweet as she was voluptuous.
No man could tell them apart, but the fate of a kingdom rested on doing so. That is the striking situation in which Robert E. Howard's A WITCH SHALL BE BORN is laid. One of the lesser known adventures of that author's warrior-hero Conan, it brings that romantic adventurer of the pre-glacial era up against a baffling problem of witchcraft and black magic.
This is the sort of story which has made the AVON FANTASY READER the leading anthology of its kind. Bringing to the thrill-seeking public the most colorful and wonder-bearing tales of the best imaginative writers, this popular-priced collection compares favorably with the highest priced collections. Take some of the other fine tales in this number:
  BIMINI by Bassett Morgan a tale of a strangely youthful old man and the goddesses of the arctic aurora that brought him eternal life and other men lingering death.  
  THE GOSTAK AND THE DOSHES by Miles J. Breuer: the pioneer science-ficton story of semantics—a different and thought-provoking adventure.  
  THE STATEMENT OF RANDOLPH CARTER by H.P. Lovecraft: an eerie graveyard tale by a master of the macabre—a story unavailable in any other volume now in print.  
In addition, you will find Francis Flagg's future vision of machine triumphant, THE MENTANICALS, Amelia Reynolds Long's story of the end of the world, OMEGA, and others. — D.A.W.