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Somehow the Sea Monster didn't seem nearly so jolly and exciting as it had from Wecanicut. It was so real and big, and whenever a wave came in, it boomed and echoed under the hanging-over rocks. We climbed around to the other side and went up on top of the highest place, which was about three times as high as I am. From there we could see the Headland, very far away and blue, and Wecanicut behind us, safe and green and friendly-looking, but a long way off; and nothing else but a smeary line of smoke from a steamer at sea.

"We named this place well," I said; "it is a Monster."

"Brrrr, hear it roar!" Jerry said. "The waves must be bigger, or something. There were n't any when we came out."

We looked down and saw that the water was behaving differently. Instead of being smooth and rolling, there was a skitter