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voice, that I did n't much care what I said.

All at once Jerry came tumbling around the corner, shouting:

"Oh, Chris, come quick! Hurry!"

I left Greg and ran after Jerry, and I'd been sitting so long humped up on the rocks that my knees gave way and I barked my shins against a sharp ledge. I did n't even know it until ever so long afterwards, when I found a bruise as big as a saucer and remembered then. Jerry did n't need to point so wildly out across the water; I saw the boat before he could say a word. It was a catboat, quite far off, tacking down from the Headland. The sail was orange, and we'd never seen an orange sail in our harbor or anywhere, in fact, so we knew it must be a strange boat.

Jerry pulled off his shirt like winking and stood there in his bare arms waving it madly. We both began to shout before the catboat people could possibly have