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"Jerry! I'm glad to have a son with a level head."

Then he said:

"Christine!" and looked at me very hard, till I wanted to turn away. But they all drank it just the same as Jerry's, though I did n't deserve it at all. Then Father held up his glass and said very gently:

"Greg!" And when I tried to drink it, the ginger-pop choked me, and Jerry banged me between the shoulders, which, of course, only made it worse, because it was n't that sort of choke.

Then Jerry jumped up and said:

"We ought to drink to the Bottle Man, I think. And, by the way, 'Bottle Man' looks all right in a letter, but it's queer, rather, to say to you. Have n't you really a real name?"

Our man and Aunt Ailsa looked at each other as if they were going to say some-