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P. S. My address—mail reaches me from time to time, by aforesaid vessel—is P. O. Box 14, Blue Harbor, Me. ME stands for Mid Equator, but the abbreviation is sufficient. Blue Harbor is my own literal translation of the native Bluar Boor. Box 14 refers to the native system of delivering messages. P. O. has, I think, something to do with the P. & O. steamers, which, however, do not very often touch here.


"I told you it would go around the world!" Greg said, when I had finished, and Jerry and I were staring at each other.

"Well!" Jerry said at last. "What luck!"

"I should rather say so," I said; "suppose a fisherman had found it, or no one at all."

"Bless his old heart," said Jerry, taking the letter.

I wanted to know why "old."

"He must be ancient if he has to totter along on two sticks," Jerry said. "Besides, he has a stately, professorish sort of