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of Satunis in the Passio S. Perpetuæ,[1] while other portions seem to show acquaintance with the still more recently discovered Apocalypse of Peter. Finally, it has been also observed that parts of the Greek Barlaam are derived from the Scheda Regia of Agapetus, finished in July 527. As there are no traces of the continued existence of the earlier works later than the sixth century, and as Agapetus' work had not much vogue for more than the few years after its appearance, it is clear that we can fix the date of the Greek Barlaam within a few years ± 600 A.D.[2]

  1. This forms the second fascicule of the Texts and Studies.
  2. Mr. F. C. Conybeare informs me that he is inclined to date the Greek text later, owing to references occurring in it to the Iconoclastic controversy.