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and his legend, the other placing Balauhar by his side.

Leaving for a moment the book of Buddha, of which I fancy I have found traces, one has to settle the question of the relationship of the Georgian, Greek, and Arabic versions. From Appendix I., in which their variations are noted, it will be observed that the Georgian agrees with the Arabic version with regard to the original order of the parables : while, on the other hand, it agrees in omitting certain portions with the Greek, and in the conclusion of the story. Kuhn, accordingly, represents the relationship by the following genealogical tree :—

I Arabic. X. I Georgian. Greek.

I have small Arabic and less Georgian, and I must therefore tread warily on this aspect of the question. But there seems to be one con- clusive piece of evidence against the pedigree suggested by Dr. Kuhn. There can be no