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Ov all the cows, among the rest
War woone that Nanny lik’d the best;
An’ after milkèn us’d to stan’
A-veedèn o’ her, vrom her han’,
Wi’ grass or haÿ; an’ she know’d Ann,
 An’ in the evenèn she did come
 The vu’st, a-beatèn up roun’ hwome
  Vor Ann to come an’ milk her.

Her back war hollor as a bow,
Her lags war short, her body low;
Her head wer small, her horns turn’d in
Avore her feäce so sharp’s a pin:
Her eyes wer vull, her ears wer thin,
 An’ she wer red vrom head to taïl,
 An’ didden start nor kick the païl,
  When Nanny zot to milk her.

But losses zoon begun to vall
On Nanny’s fàther, that wi’ all
His tweil he voun’, wi’ breakèn heart,
That he mus’ leave his ground, an’ peärt
Wi’ all his beäst an’ hoss an’ cart;
 An’, what did touch en mwost, to zell
 The red cow Nanny lik’d so well,
  An’ lik’d vor her to milk her.

Zalt tears did run vrom Nanny’s eyes,
To hear her restless father’s sighs.
But as vor me, she mid be sure
I wont vorzeäke her now she’s poor,
Vor I do love her mwore an’ mwore;
 An’ if I can but get a cow
 An’ parrock, I’ll vulvil my vow,
  An’ she shall come an’ milk her.