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Zoo off they started, two an’ two,
Wi’ païnted poles an’ knots o’ blue,
An’ girt silk flags,—I wish my box
’D a-got em all in ceäpes an’ frocks,—
A-weävèn wide an’ flappèn loud
In plaÿsome winds above the crowd;
While fifes did squeak an’ drums did rumble,
An’ deep beäzzoons did grunt an’ grumble,
An’ all the vo’k in gath’rèn crowds
Kick’d up the doust in smeechy clouds,
That slowly rose an’ spread abrode
In streamèn aïr above the road.
An’ then at church there wer sich lots
O’ hats a-hangèn up wi’ knots,
An’ poles a-stood so thick as iver,
The rushes stood beside a river.
An’ Mr Goodman gi’ed em warnèn
To spend their evenèn lik’ their mornèn;
An’ not to praÿ wi’ mornèn tongues,
An’ then to zwear wi’ evenèn lungs;
Nor vu’st sheäke hands, to let the wrist
Lift up at last a bruisèn vist:
Vor clubs were all a-meän’d vor friends,
He twold em, an’ vor better ends
Than twitèn vo’k an’ pickèn quarrels,
An’ tipplèn cups an’ emptèn barrels,—
Vor meäkèn woone man do another
In need the kindness ov a brother.

An’ after church they went to dine
’Ithin the long-wall’d room behine
The public-house, where you remember,
We had our dance back last December.
An’ there they meäde sich stunnèn clatters

Wi’ knives an’ forks, an’ pleätes an’ platters;