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"How did it start? Have I time to save anything else? I have some Latin books——"

"I don't know where it is, Professor," answered Joe. "But it isn't this building, anyhow."

"Good! I'm glad of it. I mean I'm sorry it's anywhere. Wait, and I'll be with you to help fight the flames."

He ran back to his quarters to return quickly minus his silk hat and the books, and he wore an old fashioned night-cap.

"There now, I'm ready," he announced, and he ran on as though he had donned a modern smoke helmet, used by the firemen. The boys laughed, serious and exciting as the situation was.

Dr. Rudden saw our two friends hurrying across the campus together.

"Why, boys!" cried the coach and athletic director. "You're all wet! How did it happen? Have you been playing the hose on the fire? Did it burst?"

"No, we haven't been to the blaze yet," answered Joe. "We had——"

"A sort of accident," finished Tom, as his chum hesitated for the right explanation. Then they avoided further conversation by racing toward the blaze, the light of which was becoming every minute more glaring.