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For several minutes Joe stood staring after the baseball manager. The young pitcher's arm hung listlessly at his side. There was a look on his face that would have been sad, had Joe been that kind of a lad—showing his feelings needlessly. But our hero was full of spunk and grit, and, though Hiram's unnecessarily cruel words hurt him grievously, Joe shut his teeth with a firmer grip, squared his shoulders, drew himself up, and then he smiled at Tom.

"Well, of all the mean, unmitigated, low-down, cantankerous, sneaking, bulldozing and—" spluttered the first baseman.

"Hold on!" exclaimed his companion. "You'll blow up if you go on that way, Tom. Besides, save some of those big words for a time when you may need 'em."

"Need 'em? Say If I don't need 'em now I never will. I wish I had thought to get rid of a few when that bully was here."