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The bench and Bar of Colorado

three prominent parties, as suggestions for the five district judgeships. Among the Republicans suggested we find George W. Allen, Owen E. Le Fevre, B. M. Malone, and George O. Richmond. Among the Democrats were S. L. Carpenter, A. J. Rising, Harvey Riddell, Platt Rogers, and Caldwell Yeaman; while the People's Party list contained the names of Ezra Keeler, H. E. Luthe, Thomas Macon, George C. Norris, and E. J. Short. What the results of these suggestions were, if any, the Association's records do not disclose.

The first banquet of the Association was held in February, 1893. The cost of high living seems not to have troubled our predecessors of those earlier days, as five-dollar-a-plate banquets were the rule, and the record of the first banquet committee contains as one item, "67 bottles of wine at $4.00 each." Our friend, John Hipp, in this day of Prohibition triumph, must be somewhat amused to recall his first modest "dry" motion, made at a meeting of the Association in 1895, "that the banquet committee consider the question as to whether wine should be dispensed with at the coming banquet." The motion was carried, and the banquet committee seems to have "considered" it—adversely.

On August 19, 1903, the Association was incorporated, and its objects were epitomized in the following rather striking phrases:

"The objects for which said Association is formed and incorporated are: To advance the science of jurisprudence; to promote the administration of justice; to secure proper legislation; to encourage a thorough legal education; to uphold the honor and dignity of the bar; to cultivate cordial intercourse among the lawyers of Denver; to perpetuate a history of the profession and the memory of its members; to acquire, own and hold real and personal property, including a law library, club house, etc., in furtherance of said business and objects."