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14. BOOKS in Dxmluima. ·; gg Count Zinz<·n<{orR·"s 16 Sermons, preached at Berlin. an V`oYtairc`¢ Hifiory of`Charlcs XII. ofSwcdcn.

  • 3 $5 C'ark’s lifiity on Education.

356 The Intelligencer, by Dr. Swift. 5 3 7 Ercv:il`s Hiiiory ofthc Hom`: ofN:1fi`.ru. i

s Grotius on thc Truth ofClrr.I\clig, r»·¤nr!_6yDr,P¤¢»n·k,

339 liutclicfon on tlrc Pailions. 34.o Serious Propoih! to thc Ladies, 1 Parr: in one fil, 341 Butlcr‘s Huclibras. $4: ——-- Po{tlium.\\’0rks, glilr, 3.;,; Tales of the Fairies, bythe Countefs d'Anois. 34.4. Commun Pmiycr, Iaqqlinc Oxford Edition, map] c,rz[r¢i]i`!e*6v énunrl in Morocco, nndgilt. I 34,5 A {hull Pgeker Bible, mriouréy priutrd and wd] daund, 346 Tate and Brady’s, 347 Scotch Presbyterian, and -;.4.% r\\":1trs's Pfalrrrs, and \’L':1tts`s Hymns. 3,39 ·Eclw¤rd’s Di{`courl`cs on various important Subjeéis nearly concerning thc Soul’s Salvation. 3So Fowlcr’s Dclign 0FChri{}i:mity. 3; r The Ncccliity of holding fnft thc Truth, in 3 Scrmrmr, év Gi[$r·rt T<·»mc·n!, M, ./L $$1 Tlrc trirfcarcliablc Riclics 0fClrri{i,·6y _I. Durham, 3 5; An Alarm to thc Uncortvcrtcd, 6v ]. ./l.'·'ri». 354. The truly bleflisd Man, [ry S. /Vi!!·4#r!. $$5 Submitiion to thc lkiglxtcouiiicfs 0f`Cod, dv B. ]m{ r, 356 Englilh Liberties or thc frcc-born Sulwjcétslnhcritancc. A S 7 Memoirs of thc Life and Death ofMrs. jane Turcll. 35*3 A Cardiol for Chriliians. $59 Some Thoughts concerning tlicikcvivalcfkcligion in Now-Englarul, by j. Ezlmzrr/.r. zoo The Anarchy oftlvc Router`, éy R. D·r¤‘r·’·{r·.

it A Ttcatifc concerning Baptifm and thc Lord`s Sziygcr.

$6: Ajournal of the Life of Tho, \‘Vil17.>u. M: A Narrative ofrlic Life of`Tlxom. Bascroft. gn i The Myltical Marriage, éry F. Rwr. M5 l’·:nn`s Maxima. 966 ’T.r*: A;~ccryp?::t.

.<;· Downnm’s Pocket Concordance for who Bible.

364 Tir: Pwpublick 0fLcrtcrs in :rVition, fjv .V·z»rwd·*·v. gs a Ivrrzzrlts on thc {Religion, Trade, G ptrrnnimt, Policy. Cuflorwc, Manners Et Malndics 0r`:lr·:CEt;r of`(»0rk, °by Ai;:t1;iri-.i the C·~ppcr-mitlr, 170