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BOOKS in Duodecimo.

412  Flagellum, or, the Life and Death of Oliv.Cromwell.
413  Law of Conditions and Obligations.
414  Law Terms explained.
415  Townſend's Preparative to Pleading.
416  Hughe’s Abridgment of the Statutes of Ch. 1 & 2.
417  Orders of Chancery and Exchequer.
418  Shepherd’s Office of a Juſtice.
419  Brown’s Advice to Juſtices.
420  Office and Duty of Executors.
421  Clark's Tutor in Chancery.
422  Landlord and Tenant's Law, 6th Edition.
423  Law of Conveyances, by Hearnes.
424  Greenwood's Sheriffs and Coroners.
425  The Young Lawyer's Recreation.
426  Curson's Compendium of the Laws of England.
427  Marshe's Actions for Slander.
428  Hughe's Queries for Moots.
429  Zozimi's Hiſtoia nova, cum Notis variorum.
430  Enchiridion Ethicum, par Moore.
431  Grotius de Veritate Religionis Chriſtianæ.
432  Poetæ minores Græci 433  Wincheſter. Phraſes.
434  Sonnets Chreſtiens, par M.Brelincourt.
435  Tacitus. 436  Ariſtotel. Rhetorica, Gr. & Lat.
437  Ariſtotelis Problemata.
438  Iſocratis Orationes & Epiſtolæ, Gr. & Lat.
439  Virgilius. 440  Gliſſ. Anat. Heparis.
441  Geographie par M. Robbe, 2 Tom. avec Tables.
442  Gradus ad Parnaſſum.
443  Senecæ Tragediæ, cum Notis Farnabii.
444  Miltonis Ars Logica.
445  Valerius Maximus, cum Notis Minellii.

A Pair of Globes, 16 Inches Diameter, by J. Senex, F. R. S.
having on the Terreſtrial Globe all the Diſcoveries to the Year 1738 ; and on the Cœleſtial Globe all the Stars in Flamſted's Catalogue, with Bayer's Notes to know them by. Theſe are the beſ Globes extant.