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Ye gods, restore me to my swain,
Its a' I crave or care.
O, the broom, &c.


Beneath a hill, 'mang birken bushes,
By a burnie's dimpilt linn;
I told my love, wi' artless blushes,
To the lassie o' the glen.

O the birken bank sae grassy,
Hey the burnie's dimpilt linn;
Dear to me's the bonny lassie,
Living in yon rashy glen

Lanely Ruail! thy stream sae glassy,
Shall be ay my fav'rite theme;
For, on thy banks my Highland lassie
First confess'd a mutual flame.
O the birken, &c.

There, as she mark'd the sportive fishes,
Upward spring wi' quiv'ring fin,
I slyly stole some melting kisses,
Frae the lassie o' the glen.
O the birken, &c.

What bliss! to sit, and nane to fash us,