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Libbie waited till they were safely in the attic before she followed up her suggestion.

"I read the loveliest story last summer," she said dreamily. "It was about a bride—"

A shout of laughter from the listening girls interrupted her.

"I knew there would be a bride in it somewhere," rippled Bobby. "Now, Libbie, once and for all, this is hide-and-go-seek, not a mock wedding."

"You might let me finish," protested Libbie. "I only meant to say this story was about a bride who ran away from her wedding guests for fun and hid in a great carved chest; the chest had a spring lock and it closed tight when she pulled it down. Her husband and all the guests hunted and hunted, and they never found her. Years and years after, when they opened the chest, there were only some bones and the wedding dress and veil."

"And you call that a lovely story!" Bobby's scorn was immeasurable. "Well, I think it's grue-