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The Centaurians

upon my memory and I returned to the city at once to search for him.



Middleton & Co. were very hazy concerning Professor Saxlehner. Burke and Rollins knew nothing, but Middleton informed me the Professor had dropped all his old associates when he retired from the college and in return everybody had forgotten him. He (Middleton) understood Saxlehner was involved in some colossal scheme which he had "hung on to" all these years, and so far his only recompense was in testing the delights of a hermit. He lived way out somewhere in the suburbs in a little house of his own, did his own cooking, and was very crabbed to outsiders.

"And why are you hunting up the man?" Middleton asked.

"I intend to remain some time on this side of the ocean," I told him. "I always liked Saxlehner, and simply wished to meet him again. He was the only man who seemed to understand me and naturally we're congenial."

"No harm in looking up the Professor," he said. "I always thought Saxlehner a mighty shrewd fellow and his advice worth heeding. Hunt him up, by all means; splendid idea."

Then Middleton scowled fiercely while I roared. A slip of the tongue and the word was sounded that he always avoided when I was within earshot. Idea, idea, idea. Ah, for a brilliant one!