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King James Bible (1611) page A2r.xcf

¶ THE BOOKE OF Pſalmes.


1 The happineſſe of the godly. 4 The vnhappineſſe of the vngodly.

BLeſſed ** Prou. 4. 14. is the man that walketh not in the counſell of the ǁǁ Or, wicked. vngodly, nor ſtandeth in the way of ſinners, nor ſitteth in the ſeat of the ſcornefull.

2 But his delight is in the Law of the Lord, ** Ioſh. 1. 8. pſal. 119. 1. iere. 17. 8. and in his Law doeth he meditate day and night.

3 And he ſhalbe like a tree planted by the riuers of water, that bringeth foorth his fruit in his ſeaſon, his leafe alſo ſhall not †Hebr. fade. wither, and whatſoeuer he doeth, ſhall proſper.

4 The vngodly are not ſo: but are ** Pſal. 34. 5. iſa. 17. 13. like the chaffe, which the winde driueth away.

5 Therefore the vngodly ſhall not ſtand in the iudgement, nor ſinners in the Congregation of the righteous.

6 For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the vngodly ſhall periſh.


1 The kingdome of Chriſt. 10 Kings are exhorted to accept it.

WHy ** Acts. 4. 25. do the heathen ǁǁ Or, tumultuouſly aſſemble? rage, and the people †Hebr. meditate. imagine a vaine thing?

2 The Kings of the earth ſet themſelues, and the rulers take counſell together, againſt the Lord, and againſt his Anoynted, ſaying,

3 Let vs breake their bandes aſunder, and caſt away their cords from vs.

4 ** Prou. 1. 26. Hee that ſitteth in the heauens ſhal laugh: the Lord ſhall haue them in deriſion.

5 Then ſhall hee ſpeake vnto them in his wrath, and ǁǁ Or, trouble. vexe them in his ſore diſpleaſure.

6 Yet haue I ſet †Hebr. anointed. my King †ǁ Hebr. vpon Sion, the hill of my Holineſſe. vpon my holy hill of Sion.

7 ** Acts. 13. 33. heb. 1. 5. I will declare ǁǁ Or, for a decree. the decree: the Lord hath ſaid vnto mee, Thou art my ſonne, this day haue I begotten thee.

8 ** Pſal. 72. 8. Aſke of me, and I ſhall giue thee} the heathen for thine inheritance, and the vttermoſt parts of the earth for thy poſſeſſion.

9 ** Apoc. 2. 27. and 19. 15. Thou ſhalt breake them with a rod of iron, thou ſhalt daſh them in pieces like a potters veſſell.

10 Bee wiſe now therefore, O yee Kings: be inſtructed ye Iudges of the earth.

11 Serue the Lord with feare, and reioyce with trembling.

12 Kiſſe the Sonne leſt he be angry, and ye periſh from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little: ** Prou. 16. 20. iſa. 30. 18. iete. 17. 7. rom. 9. 33 and 10. 11. 1. pet. 2. 6. Bleſſed are all they that put their truſt in him.


The ſecuritie of Gods protection

¶ ** 2.Sam. 15.15. A Pſalme of Dauid when he fled from Abſalom his ſonne.

LOrd, how are they increaſed that trouble mee? many are they that riſe vp againſt me.

2 Many there bee which ſay of my ſoule, There is no helpe for him in God. Selah.